The Canadian Press
Ottawa: The federal public safety minister says about 200 people have been unable to use their Nexus cards to cross the American border since U.S. President Donald Trump ordered a temporary halt to immigration from certain countries.

Ralph Goodale says none of the 200 are Canadian citizens and the government continues to work to make sure citizens are treated fairly at the border.

But he says Nexus is a discretionary program to expedite processing at the border and each country has the right to withdraw the privilege.

The program allows citizens and permanent residents in both Canada and the U.S. to be pre-screened for clearance in a bid to speed up border crossings.

But on Jan. 27, Trump banned those holding passports in seven specific countries from entering the U.S., and since then, questions have swirled around the implications of that ban on travellers between Canada and the U.S.

The federal immigration minister has promised Canada would help anyone stuck here, but statistics on how many people have asked for temporary residency in Canada have not been made available.