Air-India-Chandigarh: The Punjab government has sought information from all departments about such staff who go and reside in other countries while retaining their jobs here, a state vigilance department spokesman said.

“The Punjab government has asked all the departments to furnish information regarding those government employees, who have proceeded on ex-India leave and possess the Permanent Residency (PR) of any foreign country,” the spokesman said.

Heads of all departments have been asked to immediately submit the information.

“Departments have been instructed to report all such cases where an employee has taken three months’ ex-India leave and subsequently extended the leave for more than three years without any break. Similarly, information regarding all those government employees who possess Permanent Residency/Green Card of some foreign country has been sought,” he said.

Senior officers of all departments have been directed to “personally examine the passports of all such employees before furnishing the information”.