Photo: Squamish Chief

Montreal: A group of Quebec doctors are offering training on life-saving procedures to Ukrainians contending with the Russian invasion.
McGill University in Montreal says the Steinberg Centre for Simulation and Interactive Learning is creating multimedia content to support urgent health-care needs in Ukraine.
A news release says trauma surgeon Dr. Dan Deckelbaum, who is the surgical and procedural skills director at McGill’s Steinberg Centre, recorded a series of video tutorials with co-workers after he was contacted by colleagues in Ukraine.
The school says the videos were filmed in a simulated operating room and translated from English to Ukrainian.
The videos teach basic life support techniques and emergency life-saving procedures that can be performed by non-surgeons, including chest tube insertion and airway ventilatory management.
Dr. Gerald Fried, director of the Steinberg Centre, says the teams were able to deliver the training material in less than 24 hours.