rasode one_surrey_teamSurrey: Surrey Mayoral candidate Barinder Rasode declared her ‘One Surrey’ team. The team consist of diversity of backgrounds including Businesspersons to Police officials.

Rasode’s Councillor Candidates includes team includes Maz Artang, Merv Bayda, Mike Bose, Darlene Bowyer, Narima Dela Cruz, Kal Dosanjh, Brian Young.

Barinder Rasode said, “My job is to be responsive and what I’ve heard from Surrey residents is that we need change. That’s why I officially announced a diverse team of individuals who want to represent you in the Surrey Election.”

She added, “Together, we want to build a safe and secure city.”

Rasode said her team members are Surrey’s most experienced and knowledgeable community members, advocates and volunteers, behind some of the city’s most notable initiatives and organizations to move Surrey forward.

One Surrey is anchored by people with expertise in public safety – Kal Dosanjh, a police officer with the Vancouver Police Department, and Merv Bayda, a former RCMP officer.

I want to make Surrey the safest city in Canada. That’s why I’ve reached out to Kal Dosanjh, a veteran police officer with the Vancouver Police Department who has served 15 years as a patrol officer and currently works as a Detective with the Investigative Division. For the last eight years, he has served in most challenging beat in the Downtown Eastside.

Maz has a diversified background, working in both politics and at the executive level of management in the private sector. He currently works as the General Manager of Browns Socialhouse Sunshine Hills where he oversees a multi-million dollar business.

Merv Bayda, a former RCMP officer of 35 years, Merv has spent the past decade managing the Surrey RCMP Auxiliary Program that oversees 100 Auxiliary Constables, who volunteer 25,000 hours to public safety. Merv was recognized and presented with the Queens Golden Jubilee Medal and the Queens Diamond Jubilee Medal.

Michael Bose’s family has farmed in Surrey for over 100 years and he currently manages the family’s poultry farm. He has chaired the City of Surrey Agriculture and Food Security Advisory committee for 16 years and spent four years as a commissioner with the Agricultural Land Commission. He is currently a director at Surrey Cares and Mutual Fire Insurance, and has previously served as a director of the Surrey Memorial Hospital Foundation. He has also been a minor hockey coach for the past 24 years.

Darlene has been a small business owner in Surrey for over 35 years. She currently serves on a number of organizations.

Narima Dela Cruz, a passionate community volunteer, has given countless hours back to her community. Narima is a passionate community volunteer and a Founding Director of the Surrey Philippine Independence Day Society.

Brian Young is the Chief Operating Officer of the Surrey Golf Club and Delta Golf Club and President of the Cloverdale Chamber of Commerce.