SEEHRASurrey: From two children acting quickly to remove their young siblings from a house fire to officers and school staff intervening during a hostage situation, acts of bravery and dedication to the community were recognized on June 4th  Surrey RCMP Officer in Charge Awards, held at the Surrey Arts Centre.

“Every year I look forward to this opportunity to publicly acknowledge SIDHUthe many acts of heroism and dedication displayed by the men and women of our detachment and community,” says Surrey RCMP Officer in Charge, Chief Superintendent Bill Fordy. “I am very proud to honour officers and citizens who acted courageously and went that extra mile for our community.”

Sixty-six awards were presented to officers, support staff, civilians, and volunteers for their efforts, including:

One of the highlights of the night was an award presentation to a brother and sister for their efforts in safely removing their younger siblings from a house fire in November 2013. Genevieve (12 years old) and John Marcotte (9 years old) displayed outstanding courage and judgment beyond their years after the dryer in the family’s home caught fire while their parents were out picking up their other siblings. After being alerted by John of the fire, Genevieve initiated the family’s fire evacuation plan and led her three younger siblings to safety at a neighbour’s house as their residence filled with smoke.

Before the awards ceremony, officers made a special visit to the Marcotte family home where they were given an RCMP escort to the ceremony and then greeted by the Surrey RCMP’s Staff Sergeant Major.