St. Albert: A local St. Albert resident has fallen victim to an internet fraudster in a Renting Scam.  The 28 year old St. Albert lady had advertised a room for rent on a well-known internet site.  She was contacted by an unknown person portraying herself to be a woman in need of a room.  Over a period of a few weeks, correspondence was exchanged between the two people and an agreement about renting the room was made.

The St. Albert woman then received a cheque to cover the first month’s rent and utilities.  Strangely the cheque was written for a sum that was substantially more than the amount that was due.  The renter asked that the extra money be sent back by a money order made out in a West African type of currency.  Unfortunately, the St. Albert woman has now discovered that the original cheque was invalid and she has been defrauded.

St. Albert RCMP warn residents to be very familiar with the fraud information on the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre site in order to protect themselves from these types of crimes.  Sending cheques to people for more than an agreement demands and asking for the extra to be returned is a sign of a common scam.  On there is an explicit list of scams that are occurring throughout Canada.  Keeping ourselves informed is the best defence to this type of criminal.