By Kamilla Singh

photo 1 photo 2The best Burmese cuisine in the city


Amay’s House is located at Vancouver’s busy and trendy, friendly Victoria Drive neighborhood. Amay’s House offers eclectic fusion modern and Classic Burmese cuisine.  Amay means mother, this eatery is dedicated after the owner’s mom and to all motherly figures. The décor is natural yet unique and dynamic gothic, the atmosphere is casual, so that one can relax and enjoy their meal. As you enter the place is well set up for fine dinning, individual chairs, or booth style setting for your perfanence.


The owner who has moved from Burmese about 18 years ago, before moving to Canada, he worked in many restaurants and cooked for the dignitaries who went to visit their homeland, so you can tell he has many years of experience in eatery business. Once you will eat there you will know what I mean, every dish has its own flavors, this was my second time going, my friend who was leaving to go to University introduced me to this place, and their spices are much different from spices from Northern India or southern part of India. for appetizers they have traditional salad mixes. Their noodles dishes are also traditional; it is a brilliant combination of textures and interesting flavors, crunchy from the fresh vegetables, the toasted nuts, seeds and dried legumes, intense flavor from the fried shrimp, minced up with fresh juicy pieces of grape tomatoes and slices of crunchy cucumber and spicy jalapeno and squeeze of lemon on egg noodles. The traditional noodle salad is very delicious and heart crunching.


They serve both Burmese and Asian cuisine, but I was mostly focused on ordering Burmese dishes, which are influenced by its neighbors, Thailand, china, Southern India with its own distinctive set of flavors and preparation. My waiter suggested I should try their Potato curry prata- sounds like Indian paratha right, wrong their prata is much different; once you will eat it, you will want to go back to just eat their prata. This is equivalent to roti or paratha, a deliciously crispy pancake shaped bread served with patoto curry, this is close to croissants, and you can start eating by peeling off the layers and layers of thin and crisp dough fully cooked, very delicious.  For main course I had mutton curry, the mutton curry is cooked to perfection, the marrow from the meat is extracted to make a thick gravy with tomatoes, onions garlic, ginger and rest of the spices which are only available in Burmese kitchen, I was reluctant about getting mutton, as we all know mutton is mature lamb, my fear was that it will be rubbery and tough, but to my surprise it was nothing what I visualized,  it was perfectly cooked  nice and juicy, this came with plain rice. I barely had a chance to finish my meal, the waiter brought me dessert, the portion was small, I was glad as he know I wouldn’t be able to stuff it anymore, this is homemade ice cream on a piece of cake and topped with honey. Its was very good.  When I was done I can’t even walk straight I was so stuffed.


“My dad started cooking back home in Burmese for many years in hotels,  he always cooked for dignitaries, his training is from back home, my dad is the main chef, but mom also follow his footsteps, now when my dad is away my mom prepares the food” Linden Kyaw said.


“Our spices are very different from North Indian or South Indian foods, we have our own mix of spices that is the reason the food taste much different, our food is mostly spicy, but when you are ordering you can let us know whether you want mild or hot” he added.


“All our foods are very traditional, we like to keep that way, because we want to give our customers the real taste of Burmese, there are not that many restaurants that truly serve Burmese food, so our food is unique and different” he said.


They are open for lunch and dinner, eat in take  out or they also do catering, located at 5076 Victoria Drive in Vancouver, call them at 604-327-AMAY (2629) or visit them on face book at


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