tasty indian bistro interiorTasty Indian Bistro located at Scott Road in Surrey is truly magnificent. It has undergone amazing transformation to become one of the top notch Indian Eatery. It’s about time that Indian restaurant have been noticed by the mainstream society as a polished and authentic place to dine. Indian restaurants are characterized by its subtle use of many spices and herbs grown across India and also for the wide spread practice of vegetarianism across its society. Considered by some to be one of the world’s most ditasty indian bistroverse cuisines, the family of this cuisine is characterized by a wide assortment of dishes and cooking techniques, as a consequences, Indian cuisine caries, from region to region, reflecting the aired demographics of the ethnically diverse of Indian subcontinent. This is culturally inspired fusions of eastern details woven with modern western elements were used to create a perfect blend of east and west, Exotic eyes lure your attention tasty indian bistro1 tasty indian bistro1.4 to the bar and private dining area, and hand-caved elephants imported from the homeland of India dazzle diners in pops of color and light. The result is an urban dining experience without having to leave the suburbs.tasty indian bistro13

The media, food bloggers, the architectures and interior designer’s were invited to this new extension of Tasty Indian Bistro were given the VIP treatment on raining and wet Tuesday evening, these dignitaries were picked from the Convention Centre and driven all the way to Surrey to their opening of the new and improved restaurant. As soon as we got into the restaurant the VIP Experience Menu started to roll in, starting with beverages, which include the Diva Martini (Welcome cocktail), Mojito, Kingfisher beer Sweet Lassi for Non alcoholics. And the starters included Chili mushroom Sev Puri, fish Pakora cocktail Chicken, samosa, the new item which is not on their menu yet, was paneer sizzlers. After having so many different starter items, there was no more room left for anything else, the applies were delicious and filling, but then arrived a full course meal, including Aloo Gobi, Quinoa Pillao, portabello mushroom curry, Kadahi lamb, Halibut curry, Pudina Chicken tikka, Rice, Raita and plain naan and garlic Naan with Chai tea and Gulab Jamun in rice pudding.

tasty indian bistro1.5 tasty indian bistro1.2Every dish that we got to experience has it own texture and flavors, there is no two dishes with tastes the same, every dish has its own blend of spices and aroma, you could even taste the freshness in every bite.

“Since the extension of our exiting restaurant the results are incredible, we have doubled the volume of the customers coming in, we have line up of eager diners to come in, we also notice a younger demographic of young family and new customers from all ages and ethnicities increase across the board since the opening day” Indar Saine the owner said.

“As soon as the customers walk in through the door they say they can’t believe their eyes, its gives them the feeling like they are in Vegas. We used to be busy on the weekends

tasty indian bistro8 owners pic2but now even weeknights we get lineups., we would like to thank SSDG interiors Inc, for creating such a environment for the customers to enjoy so close to home, people used to tell us that for good food and great décor, we used to travel to Vancouver and other cities to enjoy that special night, but they have given up on that and now they can have a few drink and get a cab home which is cheaper on their pocket book” he added.

“Yes we spend a lot of money on renovation, but I am glad we did it, we can see the results right away, we wanted to look like somewhat close to Cactus Club that kind of eatery, we surpass that, we are Indian Cactus Club of Indian food, we do not want to comprise on the flavor and ethnicity of our dishes we kept our original and will be introducing some new items, but that will be it” he added.

Open for lunch and dinner 7 days a week, eat in or take out, they also have VIP room for private party or work meeting, book it for special event such as holiday or Christmas parties which is just around the corner.

Located at 8295-120th Street in Delta, give them a call at 604-507-9393 or visit their website at tastybistro.com. If you like one of us to come to your restaurant and try your food and write a review about your place, give us a call or email us at info@swmediagroup.ca