Stir Crazy!

revengeVictims come in all shapes and sizes. People don’t like to be a used. All bets are off when a simple holiday turns into quite the ordeal in the eventful Revenge. Like the title suggests this sharp-written film from Mongrel Media takes no prisoners. Be prepared to be blown away with this wicked thriller now lighting things up at the Rio Theatre and can be seen on your home computers or televisions via iTunes and On Demand.

Boys will be boys. How many times have we heard this excuse when certain liberties are taken. Throw a member of the opposite sex into the mix and sometimes things can get out of hand. No two ways about it – when a woman or man for that matter says no that should be the end of it. All too often a user can’t accept no. And around and round we go.

It seems the French have some certain joie de vivre. That lasses-faire attitude and a large bank account plus some charisma must be the drawing card when a hot young thing decides to accompany an older wealthy man on a vacation retreat. Secluded and far away from prying eyes is the pad of Richard that welcomes youthful Jen with open arms. Despite the obvious age range both Kevin Janssens and Matilda Lutz seem to be having a good time. Upon the arrival of two of Richard’s hunting buddies thing take a turn for the worse.

First the prey becomes a lady. Then the prey becomes the men. Audiences will tune in with open gazes as this group return to their primal instincts with catastrophic results. Blood flows freely in this expertly crafted thriller that shows how far a woman will go if pushed to the limit.