From L-R: Chak Au, Ken Johnston, Melissa Zhang, and Parm Bains.
From L-R: Chak Au, Ken Johnston, Melissa Zhang, and Parm Bains.
From L-R: Chak Au, Ken Johnston, Melissa Zhang, and Parm Bains.

Richmond: The Richmond Community Coalition introduced its first four candidates who will run for Richmond City Council team in the Municipal Election in October 2018. Incumbent Councillors Ken Johnston and Chak Au announced their intent to run for re-election on the Richmond Community Coalition slate, along with new candidates Melissa Zhang and Parm Bains. Councillor Johnston, Councillor Au, Ms. Zhang and Mr. Bains were presented by the Coalition’s President, Rob Howard.

“Thanks to the Richmond Community Coalition’s success in engaging residents during the 2014 election, the Coalition elected two Councillors. Working together, Ken and Chak were able to steer a divided city council to initiate an internal city spending review,” said Coalition President Rob Howard. “With a balanced team of experienced candidates and fresh ideas, a Coalition-led council will deliver a more open, transparent, and positive city council reflective of the tremendous potential of our multicultural city.”

“The Coalition is more than just an idle political commitment. We need to take action,” said incumbent Councillor Chak Au, “Richmond is ready for a bright future. But to make that future a reality, we need new voices on our council so that we can make Richmond a smart, liveable city where businesses want to set up shop and families can put down roots.”

“With all the great things accomplished during my years on Council, I am personally thrilled to seek another term so I can support our new candidates” said Incumbent Councillor Ken Johnston. “I look forward to working with our energetic and talented team as we guide Richmond into the future”

“As a lifelong resident of Richmond, I’m tired of my friends moving out of Richmond. Tight-knit families and friends are being torn apart, and grandparents are driving across the region just to visit their children and grandchildren” said new candidate Parm Bains “I am committed to being part of a constructive, solution-oriented government that welcomes everyone to be a part of planning a great city made up of strong and vibrant communities” says Parm Bains.

“We can only achieve success by having dialogue with each other, maintaining harmony, and working together,” said new Council candidate Melissa Zhang. “I have dedicated myself to volunteering in our community, so I have heard what my neighbours want. They want their teenage children and their friends to be able to work hard, build a family and a life, and buy a home in Richmond.”

“We take team building seriously,” says Howard. “The candidates we have introduced today and those we will introduce over the coming months are committed to a Richmond built on Harmony, Built with Balance, and Built for Action. The future of Richmond will be brighter as a result”.

The Richmond Community Coalition is committed to making local government more efficient, more accountable and more responsible. The Coalition was established to increase voter turnout and encourage City Hall to engage local citizens more in government. Its Board of Directors and Governance Committee comprise a wide range of community activists, with long records of community service to Richmond.