Richmond RCMP officers from the Organized Crime Unit (OCU) executed a search warrant around 3 pm on March 1, 2017 at the WeeMedical Wellness Center located at 8050 Anderson Rd. The storefront had been selling marihuana based products openly to the public and was operating without a business licence. Recall that previously on January 24, 2017, the Richmond RCMP executed a search warrant under similar circumstances.

This second search also yielded marihuana and marihuana based products including baked goods, confectionaries, and other edible products. Many of the items were discovered concealed in an ATM machine within the establishment.

“This marks the second time in recent months that the Richmond RCMP has executed a search warrant at this location.  As the law stands today, selling marihuana in the manner that it was being sold at WeeMedical is illegal.  The Richmond RCMP will continue to address marihuana dispensaries in our community whether it be through prevention, awareness, and education,” says Staff Sergeant Wayne Flewelling, NCO/ic Richmond RCMP Serious Crimes Unit.