By Ann Walsh

ann marie WalshThe Ride2Survive is the largest independent fundraising event for the Canadian Cancer Society. Ride2Survive, simply put it is a one day 400km bicycle ride from Kelowna to Delta. It is a fundraising event and all donations go to Cancer Research and support the Canadian Cancer Society. This year the ride takes place on Saturday June 21, 2014.

This is my second year with Ride2Survive. I joined the team again this year because I loved the experience last year. It was positive and I learnt a great deal about myself. Most of all I learnt that the R2S team is like family. A group of individuals dedicated and committed to raising funds for Cancer Research. There is more to it than that. Like all families we have our quirks – this is the best part!

The training rides are not easy; they are a challenge – physically, mentally, emotionally, and psychologically. In fact, the rides remind me of life; there is happiness, sadness, joy, angst, frustration, pain, excitement, determination, pride, fear, tears, sorrow, laughter…

What have I learnt…?

I don’t have to be an elite athlete to participate in the ride. Have fun. Fundraise; be kind to yourself, the team, and crew. Be safe. Contribute to the team – remember that team is family.  Engage, ask for help, and give help. Stay hydrated, eat well and often. Laugh! Ride when you are healthy, don’t ride when you are not. Show up! Remember all the reasons why you joined the team. Cry if you have to. When you feel tired, overwhelmed ready to give up, don’t – give it all you got. Be present.

I ride for many reasons and they are in honor and memory of:  Deirdre, Dad, Terry, Diane, Nanny, Nana, Uncle Denny and Jane; family and friends.

I am a survivor and do what I do best; I don’t give up. I ride with the Ride2Survive family to fight back for my family. It is not always easy, life is a lot like that – this ride is the ride of my life. This is what I have learnt.

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