SSCSurrey: Surrey residents are up in arms about a proposed development in Rosemary Heights. Doug McCallum and the Safe Surrey Coalition visited the site on Wednesday to take a first hand look at the property.

McCallum noted” “It’s a beautiful property that is heavily treed and also borders on the Nicomekl River. I kayak along there fairly often.”

The Safe Surry Coalition (SSC) candidates say they agree that they will not allow current development proposal to pass. Especially given the sensitive nature of the eco-system Doug McCallum and his team also promise to look into the possibility of purchasing the land and turning it into a park.

Doug Mccallum“It’s the last remaining large parcel of nature in the area. It’s an important environmental hub for Surrey and it should be preserved for the community and for future generations, said McCallum.

The development proposal is for 285 townhouse units and 23 single family homes, it’s on the site of former Catholic Church retreat.

Bableen RanaBableen Rana pointed out the questionable process for public input used in relation to this project. She said, “Surrey First, with councillors Bruce Hayne and Tom Gill, failed to ensure that Surrey’s public consultation process met acceptable standards. The Safe Surrey Coalition will review and improve Surrey’s public consultation processes – in consultation with residents. Effective consultation is a key part of our smart development approach.”

Steven PettigrewSteven Pettigrew also gave voice to complaint that has been all too common lately: “Once again we see the community’s desire for the preservation of the environment being

disregarded. This is very similar to Surrey First ignoring 12,000+ Surrey residents and putting a road through Hawthorne Park. Enough is enough! It is time for a change.”

Join the residents protesting this proposal Sat Sept 29th 11:00 AM at 154 St & 37A Avenue