Restaurant Review 1By Kamilla Singh

Vancouver: Welcome to Coast Sailesh Nation and Coast Sailesh Cuisine.  Sometimes we all crave for a nice juicy Sockeye salmon, as you know we must eat fish at least 3 times a week to keep your heart healthy, we all can go to the supermarket and buy the freshest Sockeye salmon, then what, how many of us know how to cook it to perfection, I too was craving for a nice juicy Salmon then I walked in one day last week at Salmon and Bannock restaurant, I had raving reviews about this place.  I was very fortunate that they accommodated me or else I had to make a reservation for another day, as I walked in I noticed that the place was packed, I thought I will not get served as the other customers were there before me and rightfully they should be taken care of first, the co-owner happens to be the waitress too, she was very friendly and welcoming.. The menu is small, but I knew what I was going to get, Salmon on a Bannock, this place is truly a  hidden treasure ,  the atmosphere is cozy warm and friendly, it is tastefully decorated with Native original artwork, the walls are painted blood red, these artworks are displayed on the walls are up for sale and  gets sold very quickly, these are also all original arts from famous First Nation artist,  as you enter you can’t miss the wine display, full of First Nations wines, Their wine selection is limited as they only serve four grapes from MK’Mip (an aboriginal winery from Osoyoos) which compliment most of the dishes they have on their menu, I didn’t try wine, I am going back for dinner some evening and then I will have the taste of their wine, I am very curious about their wines. The place only seats up to 30 people and it gets packed every day during lunch and dinner.

Well let’s dig into Salmon and Bannock,( Bannock is a quick biscuit bread, is a specialty of aboriginal cooks throughout North America, including Nunavut, the ingredients are simple but how you make them is the secret.).  The salmon I ordered came with Bannock organic salad and home cut yams fries cooked in the oven with homemade mayonnaise their ingredients are all organic and fresh from the farm, the salmon was so juicy that when you take a bite the juice from the salmon will be dripping down your hands, you need a few tissue papers to wipe off the juices from the salmon, salmon was so fresh and so think, the meals are bit on the expensive side, but the food will speak for itself, its worth every bite of the food you get.   I would eat this three times a day and never get enough of it, it simply leaves you a legacy in your taste buds, This eatery  is a typical Native cuisine the food is prepared in creative ways as a side to most dishes and scrumptious.

“We have lunch menu and dinner menu, some of the items we service during the dinner is not part of the lunch menu, everything we serve is organic and fresh from the local farms, our most popular dish during lunch is halibut with smoked sockeye soup, west coast tradition with traditional ingredients with modem palate” Inez Cook one of the owners said.

“All of our dishes are cooked in a traditional way, we have been on this location for almost 5 years but the words gets out and every night we are packed, and we do quite a bit of catering, if you didn’t make reservation both for lunch and dinner, remember you may not be able to get in, please call ahead and make a reservation, our chef is Red Seal chef and all the people working in the kitchen are First Nations people” she added.

We are very selective about our wine choices, we get our wines from a First Nations farm in Osoyoos, which compliments all the menu items” said  Remi Caudrom the other co-owner.

Located at 7-1128 West Broadway in Vancouver, old location of Mona’s restaurant in Vancouver, reservation is highly recommended, call for reservation at 604-568-8971 or visit their website at