Langley: A BC NDP candidate has revealed that John Horgan has no plans to actually eliminate tolls on the Port Mann Bridge.

During a debate in Terrace on Tuesday, Bruce Bidgood said: “We’re also going to take Christy Clark’s Prosperity Funds, some people refer to it as a vanity fund, and to take that and use that as well to get rid of MSP premiums.”

Well, that’s going to come as a shock to people south of the Fraser – as the BC NDP said they would siphon those funds to pay for Horgan’s toll promise.

“This is just more proof that people should not believe a word Say Anything John Horgan and the BC NDP have to say about eliminating road tolls,” said Today’s BC Liberal candidate Mary Polak. “They will not be fooled by Say Anything John’s promise to eliminate road tolls, especially when his candidates are promising to spend that money on something completely different.”

This revelation follows Horgan’s admission last week in Maple Ridge that he has no idea how he would keep his empty promise. Horgan told the local newspaper: “We’ll see what happens in three years.”

Premier Christy Clark and Today’s BC Liberals are the only party that have a plan to save families south of the Fraser up to $1,100 per year on tolls. “That’s a real promise, that’s a promise we’ve costed and can afford,” said Polak. “We will keep our promise to the people south of the Fraser, without playing a shell game and raising your taxes to pay for it. It’s clear Horgan is on every side but yours.”