Back_to_School_SafetyWith schools back in class next week, North Vancouver RCMP officers will be back out in full force patrolling the school zones and crosswalks in North Vancouver.

Police will be watching for speeders, and they won’t be handing out warnings. Tickets start at $196, and move up from there. With the anticipated thousands of children returning to class, their safety will be paramount. The RCMP is asking the public to be mindful that all school zones are back in effect next week and to be watchful for school children along their route.

Distracted driving is now a leading cause of injury and death. As a driver, your full attention must at all times be on the task of driving. This includes noting and obeying all speed limit signs, especially those in school zones! In addition, playground zone speed limits are in effect from dawn to dusk everyday and are also 30 km/hr.

School Zone signPedestrians are reminded to see and be seen! Make eye contact with drivers before crossing the road!