Dr. Pargat Singh Bhurji

Dr bhurji medical sewa in Nepal

I was born in a joint family in Bombay little over 50 years ago, My Father & Uncles had a very Successful Construction business. I was blessed to learn from my elders, especially my Grandmother who used to tell me a Variety of Stories.
I must have been about 4 years old when she told me the Story which will Later Shape me in to being the Person I have become. That Story was about Bhai Kanhaiya ji. It made an everlasting Impact on my mind to choose the Path of Sewa.
About 100 years before Henry Dunant had an Idea about the formation of Red Cross Bhai Kanhaiya ji was Already doing Nishkaam Sewa to Serve water & provide First Aid treatment Irrespective of Religion, Caste, Colour, Creed or Animosity I was blessed with Studying Medicine & Graduating from the Best Institute in Canada at the BC Children’s Hospital, University of British Columbia with a Specialist Degree in Pediatrics & Subspecialty in Neonatogy Most of you know about my International medical help missions in Srilanka 11 years ago during the Tsunami & 5 years ago in Haiti during the Earthquake Waheguru ji gave me an Opportunity to Serve again, this time in Nepal As you all know about the devastating Earthquake of Nepal on April 25 which caused over 8000 Casualties & over 100,000 Injured.
I was lucky to be chosen to Lead a team of medical experts to start with providing medical care especially for newborn care & Pediatrics We reached Kathmandu on May 6, The Road journey to Gorkha was about 5 hours, we Stayed at the town of Gorkha, next morning we Started at 5 AM to go to Deorali & Tunglung, the mountain remote areas of the first Earthquake, it took us over 3 hours of Unpaved dangerous mountain Edge road with lot of rocks & pot holes. While climbing this mountain I got reminded of Kabir ji’s Bani “IK Aughat Ghati Ram ki,Teh Chadh raheyo Kabir “. We were there for 5 days in conditions difficult for accommodation as we are used to in Canada. We ate Daal Bhaat Tarkari (Lentil, Rice & Vegetables) for Dinner. Breakfast & Lunch were usually Chai only. Water consumption was to the max each day we would see over 200 people, many children but adults too. While we are on these missions we end up seeing adults too we reached Kathmandu on May 11 myself & my friend Dr Colin Yong were visiting Gurudwara NANAK Math in Balaju Kathmandu on May 12 morning Granthi ji was Showing us the tree under which Baba Nanak had discussions with the Sidhas. They could fly, had prolonged their Life’s etc. with Ridhi & Sidhis, they followed Gorakhnath, this was during Guru Nanak Dev ji’s Third Udasi (Journey). The Sidhas then became Guru Ji’s follower focusing on Simran & Sewa. At around 12:40 hrs while under the Huge Banyan Tree we witnessed the Second Earthquake The Tree & Blessings of Baba Nanak Sheltered us “Rakhey Rakhan Haar Aap Ubharian, Gur ke Pairi Paye Kaaj Sawarian”.
We immediately left to help the Survivors after two massive building Collapsed It was wounds, Crush Injuries, Lacerations, All kinds of Trauma or Injuries, the work was monumental but Guru Ji’s Grace / blessings helped us to provide non-stop help for over 24 hours The next posting was close to Sindhupal Chowk near the Dhokala district the epicentre of second Earthquake. Medical help for Newborn, Children & adults provided with the Resources we had “Vich Duniya Sew Kamaiyaea taa Dargeh Baisan Payiyae”.
We will have ongoing teams every 2 weeks for a while. The task is monumental As a Human Race we are all one “Manas Ki Jaat SABHEY Ekey Pehchan Bo”.
It is our duty to help the one is in need, Inspiration from Bhai Kanhaiya ji & Blessings from Shabad Guru Shree Guru Granth Sahib ji “Apey Sewa Layenda Pyara, Apey Bhagat Umaha”.
If we bow & surrender our ego, then HE lifts you up & makes you do Sewa & Simran “Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fatheh”.