Shake Your Bootiya Shiamak, Homi and Marzi Shiamak Davar and Homi AdajaniaThe Guru of Dance, Shiamak Davar has once again come out with something innovative and out of the box with his latest choreography for the song Shake Your Bootiya from the soon to be released film, Finding Fanny.

Shiamak says, “This song will be a highlight for the film! The music is very catchy and I had the best time choreographing it. The concept of the song is very different and the audience will love it! It’s an out-and-out fun song and people will be hooked on to the signature step!” Students at Shiamak’s Dance Academy are learning theBootiya step in his classes around the world.

The Director of the film HomiAdajania says, “It was great fun! We put an empty dollhouse in front of the cast and they had no clue what they were reacting to! I wanted them to be impulsive and improvise and when you put all these guys together you really have no idea what’ll happen but you know it’ll be hilarious! I captured the entire song in a cumulative of 6 hours over two days. One hour for the actor’s expressions to what they are seeing and the next day I shot a life-size version of the dollhouse with Shiamak’s dancers in each room.

We hear that it was the mobile phone app ‘Elf Yourself’ that inspired Homi to create a video like this. And with Shiamak’s choreography, the final video looked exactly how everyone imagined it thesong is already a rage and has increased people’s anticipation for the film.

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