2016 Anti-Bullying Flash Mob
Bringing attention to the cause against bullying, The Shiamak Vancouver Dance Team will perform a flash mob along with thousand students from four schools from the Lower Mainland. BC Lions player Travis Lulay will also be a part of the flash mob showing his support.

The event will take place at the North Delta Secondary School on Tuesday, February 21, 2017 at 12:15pm. Showing unity against bullying, the performance will include participants from diverse cultural backgrounds dancing together to demonstrate a strong stand. The track is specially re mixed for this flash mob by DJ ROH.

“We all have a responsibility to stand up against bullying no matter what form it takes. It can be physical, verbal, cyber, or social bullying and each form can have a negative impact on individuals.” says Event Director Sean Bindra.

The participating schools include Sands Secondary School, McCloskey Elementary School, Jarvis Elementary School, HellingsElementary School, Gibson Elementary School, Annieville Elementary School. Each year, the support is getting stronger and the reach is growing which is a definite move in a positive direction.

Taking place for the 3rd time and making this an annual event, Sean goes on to say, “The purpose of anti-bullying A3this initiative is to raise awareness for the Anti-Bullying message. What makes this Anti-Bullying initiative special is that it is being organized by the community for the community. There is no financial gain for anyone involved. Everyone is volunteering their time and service to make these Anti-Bullying flash mobs happen.”

Actively participating at community events, The SHIAMAK Dance Team has been a part of bringing people together and empowering, enlightening and educating them through dance and the power of the performing arts.