Shiamak Davar sued for alleged sexual abuse by two former students from his dance academy

Vancouver: Renowned Bollywood choreographer, Shiamak Davar, has been sued for allegedly sexually abusing two students, Percy Shroff and Jimmy Mistry, from his dance academy. Davar has denied the charges and said, “I will not be intimidated into silence and will defend myself vigorously in court.”

Shiamak Davar said, in a statement, on the allegations,I am shocked by these allegations and deny them completely. I will not be intimidated into silence and will defend myself vigorously in court. Even though I am extremely anxious to speak the truth, I have been advised not to do so publicly by my lawyer, David Crossin, as this matter is now before the court. I have total faith in the justice system of British Columbia that my name shall be cleared on all accounts.”

Davar added, “I would also like to say that it is a privilege and honor for me to continue the work of my spiritual teacher, Khorshed Bhavnagri. It is my position, as filed in my response, that these claims are being made by former members of VRRP Spiritual Learning to simply smear Mrs. Bhavnagri’s good name and her wonderful book The Laws of the Spirit World. I would like members of VRRP Spiritual Learning to rest assured that I will continue to serve the book and its teachings.

VRRP Spiritual Learning is simply a group of individuals who have been inspired by the life and teachings of Khorshed Bhavnagri, a woman who lost both her sons in a car accident in 1980, and wrote a book called The Laws of the Spirit World (published by Jaico Publishing House) that contains spiritual knowledge. The book is a national bestseller in India and its teachings are simple and transparent.

Mrs. Bhavnagri passed away in 2007. She had always wanted me to continue her work and help individuals reach their highest potential as spiritual beings. I have never positioned myself as a spiritual guru or leader; the knowledge itself is the guru.

Each individual in the group has free will and there is no question of me controlling their lives. Any such control would be against the teachings of VRRP.

Members of the group in North Vancouver choose to live near one another. Mrs. Bhavnagri had suggested that they try to do so because most of them were new immigrants at the time and could therefore provide mutual support. No-one is compelled to live in a particular area and in fact some members of the group live in Coquitlam and Surrey.

Mrs. Bhavnagri did not use the term “apocalypse” as suggested in the allegations. However, she did say many years ago that the earth would change due to natural disasters that would cause its axis to shift. Some scientists now believe this is actually happening as a result of climate change and the melting of polar ice.

Mrs. Bhavnagri believed that eclipses have heavy energy. However, no one has ever been told not to look at the moon. It is also not correct that group members cannot drive certain colour cars or wear certain colour clothes. They can have any colour car they choose and wear whatever colour clothes they choose.”

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