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WHILE addressing growing concern about the Parti Quebecois’ Charter of Values in Quebec, federal NDP Leader Tom Mulcair promised to fight against institutionalized discrimination in honour of Sikh Veterans.
When asked about the NDP’s position regarding a potential compromise that will limit a ban on religious symbols to police officers and judges, Mulcair responded by paying remembrance to the contributions of Sikh soldiers in both the world wars, while adorning their turbans.
“Sikhs have fought in both World Wars while wearing their turbans.  200,000 Sikhs soldiers sacrificed their lives, 90,000 died and 100,000 were injured. They fought side by side with other soldiers, while wearing their turbans” said Mulcair.
Mulcair went onto explain that wearing turbans, while in service did not prevent Sikhs from doing their jobs.  While addressing a potential ban on Sikh turbans in the police forces, Mulcair added, “That’s discrimination and I will fight against it.”