IMG-20170807-WA0002Sikhi Awareness Foundation (SAF) Canada concluded its first School Supply Drive, collecting over 2165 pounds of supplies. Many schools in Surrey took part in the drive including Sikh Academy, Guru Angad Dev Elementary, Khalsa School, Gurmat Center, and Gobind Sarvar. Over the next six months, donated supplies will be shipped to India for underprivileged students to use. Many of these students, coming from poverty-ridden areas, do not have access to basic human necessities like clothing, clean water or shelter. This is just one of the many initiatives SAF Canada has taken since 2014 when the charity was founded by Shamandeep Singh.

Impoverished families in India do not get adequate support from their government and therefore cannot afford to send their children to school. Without education children are destined to live in poverty, further perpetuating its cycle. SAF 20170724_143732 20170724_143734 IMG-20170807-WA0005 IMG-20170807-WA0014Canada believes education can empower children to break this cycle of poverty.  It was this thought that motivated, SAF’s founder to start the “EDUCATE A CHILD” program whereby anyone can sponsor the education of a child online. Since its conception, the program has seen substantial growth, from just 20 children sponsored in 2014 to over 350 today.

Sikhi Awareness Foundation or SAF is a Canadian charity from Surrey that operates under the premise of “Selfless service for all of humanity”. Currently, they primarily work in India providing aid to children, families, and individuals in need through various poverty relief programs. Over the past two years, SAF has built homes and provided meals for many underprivileged families.

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