KamilliaVancouver: At the corner of Carroll and Powell Street is Sitar Restaurant, you can’t miss this restaurant, as the huge picture of Sitar, and (Sitar is an Indian musical Instrument, which is also played by non Indian as well all over the world.) You can’t miss this, as outside the restaurant is their landmark, this is one of the most popular Indian restaurant for those tourist who are visiting this area for sight seeing or looking at the historic scenery of Gas Town, which have so much history about the city. Sitar is one of the first Indian restaurant in this historic city, it was opened in 1984, since then those who love authentic Indian cuisine without compromise, it is far from a standard, common or garden, it’s a family run venture offering authentic food from all corners of subcontinent via a menu that’s  a million miles away from their homeland.

photo 1 (2)Since its opening the management stayed committed of their food and its original spices, in those days finding a great Indian restaurant were few and far apart in the city, so people used to travel far and wide in search of good Indian food, those same people are still committed to come out and dine in their favorite curry house.

The big huge windows with colorful design from outside, as soon as you enter you cant miss to notice some original pieces of Indian art as well twining lights inside, the soundtrack low key Bollywood playing in the background. My friend and I walked in during lunch rush, it was sort of full, people from the neighborhood the business class were enjoying the authentic Indian cuisine, as they were on their lunch hour, they were coming and going. I was seated by the window seat I got there before my friend did, so I got settled in and taking is slowly plus watching everyone passing and they even stand outside to look inside or look at he menu, some will come in and some continue to keep on walking.

It was one of those days when my friend is a vegetarian I also decided not to order any non-vegetable dishes, As soon as we were seated we got papari, which is a crispy Indian savory appetizer, sometimes it is  deep friend or baked in the oven, I am always mindful of not eating too much fried food, I could tell that the papari didn’t have extra oil, so I really enjoyed it, then I ordered Malai Kofta was hot/medium dish of koftas smooth subtly spiced curry of tomatoes, onions herbs with thick sauce with cilantro sprinkled on  top of this dish  came with Indian style basmati rice and my friend ordered dhal Makhani, which is cooked dhal with spices , we both shared each others dishes, honestly speaking everything was delicious.  Service was wonderful and food is amazing.

“Our menu remains true to its Indian roots without too much compromise to more Anglicized Indian restaurant dishes.  We make sure that our dishes that we make everything is fresh and we like to keep the original taste and flavors to our sauces, every dish in our restaurant will taste different, we like to maintain the authencity of the curries and sauces”  Kulbir Boparaj the owner said.

Sitar has loyal fan based who come here on regular basis to enjoy true Indian cuisine, Gas town is a historical sight of the city so the tourist who are strolling in the city will also drop by and try our food, once they eat here once they will remember and if they return to the city they will drop by again to eat in our restaurant” he added.

Sitar restaurant gourmet cuisine of India is located at 8 Powell Street, Gas town in Vancouver, call them ahead to make a reservation at 604-687-0049 or visit their website at www.sitarrestaurant.ca