By Pooja Bhaginari

SkinThe hardest but important part of the life is self grooming especially in the city life. And the men have also started to groom themselves and maintain their personality attractive. And the males who like to use cosmetic products to maintain their smartness and skin better are generally called as Metrosexual males. The word “Metrosexual” is just to resemble the habit of men to use cosmetics. Today we are going to talk about the cosmetic products and skincare methods for the Metrosexual males.

Having nice personality makes a man perfect for many things throughout the life. Now, these days’ men have started to maintain their physical appearance and to use the cosmetic products for perfect skin care. But the cosmetics which are being used by women should not be used by men; they must have to check their own skin type and match products. Many times self chosen cosmetics harm the male skin and leave many side effects on the face and body skin. And many times it leaves the lifetime spots and wrinkles like lines on the face. All the need is awareness in all men.

Normally men are less aware of skincare and all those cosmetic products.So before using anything like this you should concern with a specialist. Pooja’s Skincare care tips for males:

1)     A male should not use female fragrant creams and cosmetic products.

2)     A male should use lip balm instead of light colorlipstick because lip balm gives a pretty color with softness according to the lip, not more and not less.

3)     Hair types of male are also different form females and others and by using regular shampoo will not give any result. So male should choose their own shampoo and hair products.

4)     Males should leave the use of soaps on their face instead of it; they should have face wash for men.

5)     Metrosexual male should use the face wash made for men, not the same which sells for women. Because the skin of a male is harder and tighter than females and it needs more slippery and working face wash.

6)     Men should not go for bleach and facials.

7)     And most important, avoid the use of female cosmetics every time.

There are several other skin care tips and facts for all men, which are needed to follow to get smarter face and looks. There are so many products in the market which are made for men, but what to use and how is more important. As a fact “confidence comes through the inside of a body” but it also true that we feel more confident when we look great. And these days looking sexy and handsome has become important. That’s why most of the male have started to pay attention on their skin and personnel appearance. There are also so many ways to get results in personal grooming like massage and special therapies which gives the full sexual and attractive looks to anyone.

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