High Flyer!

SkyscraperSky high fun comes your way when a man goes all out to save his family in Skyscraper.

Sharp Universal Studios comes of age big time in this British Columbia lensed behemoth now racking up lots of affection at Cineplex Cinemas across B.C.

The Sawyer family are stand-out citizens. Will is a by the book former F.B.I. Agent while Sarah keeps herself busy raising two small children. Number one global box office superstar Dwayne Johnson makes nice with Canadian Neve Campbell as the parents who relocate their family to mysterious Hong Kong when a job opportunity for Will. Now a security consultant Wilma pressed into action when he l ands a contract to keep the Pearl Tower functioning.

When a few criminals decide to take the Pearl off line for good things look grim for Mr. Sawyer et al. Heroics come into play as this maligned man needs to traverse fire, bullets and a very tall man-made peak to save the structure, the family not to mention his own life.

Somewhat reminiscent of his rescuing ways from San Andreas Dwayne the man Johnson is in firm control as a wounded warrior up against the clock, the elements, and a few dozen or so determined terrorists. Part Die Hard. Part Towering Inferno an action Skyscraper is a well-oiled thriller many to be seen on the big screen.