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Vancouver: Harmen Shergill, spokesperson

for United Truckers’ Association that is

representing the non-unionized has informed

Asian Journal that UTA members have rejected

the proposal in a meeting held at Grand Taj,

Surrey on Mar 8. He said there were close to 1000

Truckers– Union and Non Union– who attended

the vote meeting.

Port mediator, Vince had asked the truckers

to go back to work while Port reviews their

demands. Now, both Unifor-VCTA and UTA

have conveyed their decision to strike unless Port

comes to table with some action plan in good


Harmen said, “UTA has been trying to resolve

this issue without strike. But we were not heard.

We have been lobbying for past 5-6 months. We

had positive meetings with Port Metro Vancouver

in past; we were assured of resolution but no

action was taken by the Port despite assurances.

It seems they were not serious about solving the

matters that cause concern to truckers. Today, we

have conveyed members’ decision to Vince Ready

that nobody is going get off picket line useless the

matter is resolved.”

When asked about MP Jasbir Sandhu’s role,

Harmen said, “Jasbir Sandhu has been very

supportive. We have been lobbying for almost

half an year and Jasbir Sandhu has made effort to

get Ottawa’s attention toward us.”

MP Jasbir Sandhu has released a statement last

week where he said, “This port is crucial for the

flow of goods in and out of BC and could affect

the entire country. Truckers and the Port must

resolve this dispute.”

Harmen added, ” This strike is not just about

money, it’s about respect for the work we do.

Truckers move British Columbia’s or that matter

country’s economy. We play an important role

and its time we are respected for that and paid


He also said, ” There is proposal to fix an hourly

rate for the Truckers, this will reduce undercutting

and bring uniformity to the industry.”


Vince Ready was appointed as negotiator

between Port Metro Vancouver and Truckers on

Mar 6 by Federal Transport Minister Lisa Raitt

Unifor- VCTA had given a 72 hour notice, which

ended on Thursday noon. The members of UTA

were already off the work from Feb 25.

UTA is a first registered body, a Non profit that has

been taking the problems faced by Non-union truckers to

the Port, Local politicians. It has approximately 1400

members. UTA has its own constitution and by laws that

govern its members.