LIKE many police departments, the Surrey RCMP maintains a “Most Wanted” list that highlights individuals who are currently wanted on outstanding warrants. Contrary to popular belief, those on the “Most Wanted” list are not necessarily the most dangerous criminals, but rather are repeat offenders whose crimes, if left unchecked, could lead to other potentially more serious crimes.

In order to effectively deal with these prolific offenders, the Surrey RCMP has a team dedicated to finding these “Most Wanted” criminals. They dress in street clothes and, by design, many of them more closely resemble the persona of those who they trying to catch than an RCMP officer. Known as the High Risk Target Team (HRTT), they are responsible for identifying these offenders with the goal of removing them from our streets and bringing them before the courts for a successful prosecution.

“As part of our commitment to crime reduction in Surrey, we feel it is important to have a specialized unit that is dedicated to tracking and arresting these prolific offenders,” says Surrey RCMP Inspector Wade Lymburner. “In the first half of 2013 our High Risk Target Team made 64 arrests and they continue to average approximately 10 arrests per month.”

Through their contacts with multiple law enforcement agencies, HRTT investigators gather intelligence and monitor suspects as they pass through the legal system. Leveraging these relationships had led to timely information being shared about those who are at a high risk to re-offend and has drastically reduced the amount of time required to conduct surveillance before an arrest is made.

The arrests made by the High Risk Target Team have included high risk sex offenders who were breaching their conditions of release, chronic drug traffickers, out of province offenders who were returned back to their province, and repeat property crime offenders.

The Surrey RCMP’s list of “Most Wanted” criminals is updated regularly and available on the detachment’s website and includes individuals wanted on a variety of outstanding warrants.

“Although we have a dedicated team to apprehend those on our Most Wanted list, we can greatly benefit from the community’s help as well,” says Lymburner. “If anyone does spot any of these people, we ask that they don’t approach them, but contact us or Crime Stoppers right away.”

If you wish to remain anonymous contact Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS or and you may receive a monetary reward for your information.