Spiderman homecomingStan Lee created a cultural icon when he penned the first Spider-Man comic book way back then. After a series of highly successful movies Sony again reinvents this aging crime fighter with the smart Spider-Man: Homecoming. Settle in to watch some suitable summertime fun at Cineplex Theatres across B.C.
No one does it better than Marvel Studios when it comes to creating savvy superheroes with heart. Here we see how an unassuming Peter Parker gets by at high school while moonlight as Spider-man. New to the part Tom Holland perfectly portrays the tricky dual character whole alternating between nerdy student and heroic evil slayer.
Set in New York in the wake of 9/11 bureaucratic snafus and the bottom line create concerns for a not so mild businessman. A down on his luck Michael Keaton turns hardship into triumph when his gang begins to take revenge and in the process, he spreads his wings turning into the vulture in the process.

Some unique surprise twists and turns and a wonderful breakout performance by Tom Holland make Spider-Man: Homecoming entertaining and quite eventful.