Deepak Jayakar

Deepak Jaykar
Feng Shui Consultant

Happy Spring to all of you! I am back again with lot of tips and very fascinating information, which you are awaiting!
Winning is an attitude and a mindset. However, winning also requires luck: being at the right place at the right time, meeting someone special, having an opportunity thrown your way. You can experience this if you follow feng shui principles correctly by learning them through our feng shui column. So, let’s get started!
People who are success oriented rarely allow small inconveniences to irritate or annoy them. They only see a big picture and seldom breach the harmony of energies that surrounds them by breaking into anger. This mental attitude is the reflection of the unconscious inner feng shui they are practicing to balance beautifully with the feng shui of their physical space. Inner feng shui requires a state of mental equilibrium that comes with a calm and relaxed disposition. Success energies should be created internally as well as externally. You can’t enjoy attain success, unless your inner self reflects a similar state of balance as your outer physical environment. One helps the other, so bring a relaxed and confident attitude to your efforts for attracting success Chi.

A vital part of positive programming exercise involves discarding all the negative energies that stand in the way of your achieving success. Negative energies often are caused by repressed emotions such as fear, guilt, anger and frustration arising from disappointments, the loss of dear one, perceived injustice. Many of us have a lifetime negative programming inside. We believe the world is not a safe place. We believe life is a struggle. We believe it is noble to suffer. We believe it is our lot to be poor. We believe that love is a dangerous game because we will get hurt. These are beliefs, nothing more. These are all emotional hindrances that subdue our inherent spirit and suppress our natural vitality and our valuable yang energy.

To get the flow of energy moving, it is necessary to clear these heavy blockades. It is necessary to change our negative thinking by undertaking a mental spring-cleaning. Identify the true nature of your fears. Keep focus on only constructive beliefs, desires and dreams. Working in this manner is sufficient to make negative thinking dissolve and disappear gradually. Remember, this is the clearing process and it will work in freeing you from being severely hampered by invisible yet powerful blockades. Once you learn this technique, you will feel feng shui is a like breeze.

Staying in a job that suppresses your creativity and underpays you is not good feng shui. Conversely, if you feel lonely, signing up for a class at community college is excellent feng shui, even though you are nervous about meeting new people. As you move through each day, make positive choices: go to a happy, feel-good movie, ask your mentor to dinner, play uplifting music or take a walk on a beach or in a park. Always think of your emotional and physical state. Are you uplifted or depressed? You have free will to make conscious choices at every moment. Have fun with your new feng shui outlook.

Wishing you Good Luck!!
Deepak R. Jayakar.- Feng Shui Master