Victoria – Premier John Horgan has issued the following statement in honour of Vaisakhi:

“Today, in B.C. and around the world, people in the Sikh community are celebrating Vaisakhi, one of the holiest holidays in the Sikh faith. Vaisakhi is a celebration of the formation of the Khalsa over 300 years ago.

“Vaisakhi is normally celebrated through Nagar Kirtans, worship in gurdwaras, and gatherings with friends and family.

“While some may choose to continue to participate in online Vaisakhi celebrations, many communities will welcome a return to in-person celebrations and visits to gurdwaras.

“It is also a day to reflect on the teachings of the Sikh gurus who emphasized the values of sharing, ‘sewa’ (service) and living by honest means.

“B.C. is home to one of the largest Sikh populations outside India. Through difficult times in B.C., the Sikh community in our province has always upheld these teachings of compassion and selfless service and provided inspiration.

“To take just one example, during the tragic flooding last year, many in B.C.’s Sikh community cooked meals and even chartered a plane to deliver food to people who found themselves suddenly isolated.

“On behalf of the Government of British Columbia, to everyone who is celebrating, Happy Vaisakhi!

“Vaisakhi Diyan Lakh Lakh Vadhaiyan!”