SURREY Mayor Dianne Watts and Council approved a “Community Climate Action Strategy” at a Council Meeting.  The Strategy proposes actions that will make Surrey more resilient in the face of climate change impacts, and is made up of two complementary plans:

* the Community Energy Emissions Plan, which provides a guide to reduce community energy spending and greenhouse gas emissions, and

* the Climate Adaption Strategy, which identifies how the City may be vulnerable to climate change impacts and proposes actions to mitigate risk and cost.

Surrey’s innovative approach brings the two plans forward together and identifies the important cross-linkages between climate mitigation (GHG reduction) and adaptation actions.

“The principles of environmental, social and economic sustainability are at the foundation of every decision we make,” said Watts. “Adopting a Community Climate Action Strategy is another example of how we are delivering on sustainability. We must consider climate change impacts as we move forward in building a strong, sustainable and resilient city.”

“The City’s adoption of a Community Climate Action Strategy is key to moving towards our GHG emission reduction goals as set out in Surrey’s Official Community Plan,” said Councillor Bruce Hayne, Chair of the Environmental Sustainability Advisory Committee. “The idea is to work together with our community to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels and make a shift to clean and renewable energy resources.”

Strategic directions in the Community Energy and Emissions Plan include the following:

* Complete, compact, connected corridors supporting a high quality rapid transit network and low carbon district energy systems;

* A framework to meet steadily rising building energy standards through capacity building efforts, the exploration of local incentives, and connecting the development community with existing incentives available for energy efficiency;

* Rapid transit development, improved bus service, and walking and bike infrastructure around and between Town Centres and the City Centre;

* A suite of green car strategies; and

* Initiatives that build on the City’s Rethink Waste program.

Together, these two plans reinforce the City’s broader efforts toward establishing Surrey as a prosperous and resilient 21st century urban centre. For more information visit