THE Surrey Board of Trade passed a motion at their directors meeting on Tuesday to support the Kinder Morgan project to twin its Trans Mountain Pipeline.

The Surrey Board of Trade said it acknowledges that the conveyance of crude and refined petroleum products is a critical aspect of Canada’s export activity through the Western Gateway. This is in line with national and provincial economic interests involving key commodities critical to the Canadian economy. Due to twinning, revenue creation at the federal, provincial and municipal levels is expected to boost the economy both over the short and long terms. The Surrey Board of Trade is cognizant of the significant environmental risks due to spills associated with operation of the pipeline and the transport (rail, road and marine) of petroleum products. Oil Spill response as a matter of provincial (five conditions) and federal (tanker safety review) is a priority for the Surrey Board of Trade.

Therefore, as part of this position, the Surrey Board of Trade advocates for:

1. The selection of a route / corridor for the pipeline which will cause minimal environmental and negative economic impacts as a result of a spill over the lifetime of operation of the pipeline.

2. The implementation of sophisticated spill control measures and the deployment of state-of-the-art technologies to control spills along the length of the pipeline.

3. For a review of the Transportation of the Dangerous Goods Regulations followed by any necessary amendments to the regulations that would increase the safety of the transport of crude oil and other refined petroleum products.

4. Enhancements to the Provincial Spill Response Program that would help minimize the risks of a spill of petroleum products/crude from tankers, ships or rail cars and thereby create very safe conditions for transport of such dangerous goods.

5. Adequate financial security as part of the twinning to deal with the adverse economic impacts as a result of an environmental disaster due to a spill or an accident causing a release of petroleum products into marine/freshwaters or environmentally sensitive land.

Components of the Surrey Board of Trade’s position paper include:

1. How the pipeline twinning affects Surrey and BC residents?

2. Effect on the Canadian economy?

3. Implications to environmental safety within the footprint of the pipeline traversing through BC and in marine waters

4. Emergency Response

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