Photo: Ray Hudson

By Ray Hudson

Photo: Ray Hudson
Anita Huberman, CEO of the Surrey Board of Trade stands with the creator of the new brand and new website, Chris Thornley of Thornley Creative. Photo by Ray Hudson





Surrey: After a period of suspense fostered by promotion of a ‘surprise announcement’ on the morning of April 7, Anita Huberman, CEO of the Surrey Board of Trade, took the podium at the Surrey Art Centre, and before about 100 members, unveiled the new brand for one of the Lower Mainland’s leading business organizations. The new bold look, a new logo with a three word statement: “inclusive – innovative – independent” directly beneath the stylized “SBOT.”  Also a colourful, bold and energetic new website was launched as the Board’s front window to the world.

DSC_4418“In my 10th year as CEO,” Huberman said,  “I continue to be proud of our results and work in the Surrey Board of Trade’s mission to support and attract business. What differentiates this business organization is the value of our service delivery. Surrey is a city of entrepreneurs fuelled by a vision to innovate. What is unique is the blend of our work – business engagement and partnership – with our service organizations that help to improve the livability of Surrey,”

“The Surrey Board of Trade is a partner with stakeholders, even though we are an independent voice of business,” the CEO said, “And we are inclusive in a uniquely situated demographic setting with almost 50% of our population with a mother tongue other than English. What I say to business when they are looking to relocate here is that Surrey has the human capital to build their workforce, to build their products, to deliver their service. 30% of Surrey’s population is under the age of 19. Our diversity is Surrey’s strength.”

DSC_4406The Surrey Board of Trade identified Surrey as the economic powerhouse as they move to becoming the largest city in British Columbia which brings opportunity and that brings challenges.

The new look of the Surrey Board of Trade reflects their growth and progress in a city that will be the largest city in B.C. – with the largest amount of industrial land inventory – a border city crossing with our largest trading partner – an international docking facility that brings in goods from all over the world – our Fraser Surrey Docks.

It was noted that the Surrey Board of Trade’s hallmarks and brand are: Innovative-Inclusive–Independent. And as the Surrey Board of Trade embarks on their 100th anniversary in 2018 Surrey’s downtown core is emerging with the new Surrey City Hall, the library, SFU, KPU, Marriott Hotel, 3 Civic Plaza – and towers from WestStone Properties, Bosa and so many other developer proponents. “The Surrey Board of Trade works together with our City of Surrey to continue to build industry, build jobs, build and support our people.”

DSC_4432The New look of the Surrey Board of Trade: 

“The logo’s different colours represent the Surrey Board of Trade’s and Surrey’s diversity. The globe represents the fact the we live in a global economic environment.”

The new Website, Newspaper, Hallmark Events (tying into policy and the city’s livability – not just speaker events), Business Centre and International Trade Centre were featured.

Anita Huberman thanked  Chris Thornley of Thornley Creative Communications for their work on the new look from a “creative design firm that believes in Surrey.”

During the presentation Huberman announced the Newcomer Entrepreneur Program:  the Surrey Board of Trade’s activities will include, but are not limited to:

  • Core business. Addressing the refugees or newcomers needs through a company’s core business operations, including internal procedures, human resources hiring practices, training, sourcing policies, supply chains, as well as the development of products and services for refugees and newcomers. Giving them access to business opportunities, funding and more through the Surrey Board of Trade’s Business Centre to help fulfill their dreams of economic participation and workforce participation.
  • Social investment and philanthropy. Financial contributions, relief items and strategic social investment support through volunteering efforts.
  • Advocacy and public policy engagement. Fostering social cohesion and inter-group dialogue and relationship-building in the workplace, marketplace and community.
  • Partnership and collective action. Joining forces with Governments, society organizations and/or other businesses to act collectively find solutions for refugees and newcomers and forge long-term partnerships for regional economic and sustainable development.

“We will share the actions that local companies are taking. This is a new commitment to action to help respond to our new residents, our refugees as well as our newcomers. And as co-chair of Surrey’s Local Immigration Partnership Table, the Surrey Board of Trade is the only business organization in all of these partnership tables in B.C. – there to improve the livability of our city, enhance the human capital of our workplaces and support new enterprises.”

Huberman ended this morning’s Press Conference by concluding that as it applies to this initiative and in the growth and progress of our city and the Surrey Board of Trade: “We should be taught not to wait for inspiration to start a thing. Action always generates inspiration. Inspiration seldom generates action.”