Surrey, BC –City Council approved recommendations yesterday evening to amend Surrey’s Nuisances Bylaw to allow Bylaw Officers to issue $250 tickets for nuisance related offenses; this will provide Bylaw Officers with greater latitude in enforcement than the existing Bylaw which does not provide a means to ticket nor allow for cost recovery on repeated incidents.

“Giving Bylaw Officers the authority to ticket repeat offenders provides them with an additional tool for enforcement,” says City of Surrey Mayor, Dianne Watts. “There are a small number of properties in Surrey who generate repeated calls and these properties are often associated with criminal lifestyle. Amending this bylaw supports the City’s goal of monitoring, confronting and disrupting criminal behavior in our neighborhoods.”

The existing Nuisances Bylaw allows for a fine of $10,000 plus the costs of prosecution for each violation under the Bylaw; these offenses, however, must be enforced by means of charges through the Court, which is a time-consuming and costly process. The option of proceeding with charges through the Courts will continue to remain an option under the amended Bylaw where circumstances warrant such an approach.

The amendments to the Nuisance Bylaw are an outcome of the Mayor’s Task Force on Crime. Tickets issued for Nuisance Bylaw offenses will be logged in the City’s Shared Data Bank which has been developed and is being populated by RCMP, Fire Services, By-Laws, and the city with information on high risk locations in order to improve information sharing early identification of these locations.

The amended Bylaw is expected to be adopted and amendments enacted at the March 10, 2014 Council Meeting.

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