Surrey: Over 150 patrons attended the 2nd Annual Battle with the Bank fundraising event for the Surrey Food Bank on Saturday, November 24 at Coast Appliances in Surrey.

Organized by Chris Whitehead & Associates of Macdonald Realty Ltd., the event raised a record $11,279. Featuring a cooking competition between three renowned chefs from Boy with a Knife Grill, Deli & Catering. They were tasked with preparing tasty chicken, fish and beef dishes to the crowd’s delight. Wine was donated by PHL Capital Corp., with food donations by Sibyle Stipp of Cutco Cutlery & Kitchen Knives, Rowan Smith of City Wide Mortgage Services, and Sean Hogan of Buckley Hogan.

“We are absolutely thrilled with the success of this event,” said Kuldip Ardhawa, Community Partnerships Manager with Surrey Food Bank. “We are extremely grateful to everyone who came out, or sponsors, and especially Chris Whitehead & Associates who have raised in excess of $24,500 for the Food Bank!”

The Surrey Food Bank is a charitable organization that collects food and monetary donations to provide food and aid to those in need. 41% of their clients are children and babies. “We have seen a significant increase in immigrant families who need our help and events like this truly help us meet the demand,” shared Ardhawa. “It’s such a shame to see that basic needs such as food, baby formula and toothbrushes can’t even be met by people living right here in our city. With the holidays around the corner, we urge everyone to give something, anything.”

To donate, please visit or call 604-581-5443.