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 Photo captions: Special warning tickets created by Surrey students


SURREY: With schools now back in session after spring break, the Surrey RCMP have partnered with the Insurance Corporation of BC (ICBC) and the Surrey School Board to again remind both parents and drivers about school zone traffic safety and the hazards of distracted driving. The “Think of Me” education and enforcement campaign will be starting up again this Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014 at approximately 12:00pm at Martha Currie Elementary (5811 184th Street).

“Drivers may be pulled over and receive a special handmade warning created by a Surrey student as a visible reminder to ‘think of me’ and drive safely,” says Surrey RCMP Cpl. Bert Paquet. “This is a great opportunity to involve students, school staff and parents to raise awareness about the vigilance we as drivers must have when traveling through school zones.”

During the campaign before spring break police checked over 2,000 vehicles and issued over 200 special warnings to go along with the dozens of violation tickets issued for various traffic safety infractions in school zones.
“Now that the weather is warming up and schools are back in session after spring break, drivers should expect to see more children on our roads,” says Karen Klein, ICBC’s local road safety coordinator. “Be extra cautious and watch for children especially in or around school zones. We’re also encouraging parents to take this time to review the rules of the road with their children and go over their route to and from school to make sure they’re taking the safest route.”

“While the nature of the event, as well as the colourful and creative warnings are fun to do, the message is a very serious one: we all need to remember the potential for tragedy from even a moment of inattention while driving, particularly around elementary schools,” says Surrey Board of Education chairperson Shawn Wilson. “I thank the Surrey RCMP, ICBC, Martha Currie elementary and our district’s Community-Schools Partnership department for their support of the ‘Think of Me’ campaign.”