Jennifer Johansen  Photo: YouTube


SURREY RCMP are recommending charges of assault against the white woman who allegedly attacked a South Asian animal rights protestor at the Cloverdale Rodeo on May 18 and hurled racist abuse that the victim taped on her cell phone and uploaded on YouTube.
Cpl. Bert Paquet told me on Thursday: “Our investigators have spoken with the alleged attacker … we’ve spoken with her as well as several witnesses and we are in the midst of preparing a report to Crown to see of charges of assault will be approved.”
He added: “We are just finishing up our package to send to Crown and we’ll see if charges of assault will be approved or not. So we are looking at possibly at least two or three weeks before we hear back from them.”
Surrey RCMP seem to have done a good professional job that is sure to reassure angry South Asians.
However, it remains to be seen whether Crown approves the charges and whether they will also pursue a hate crime charge.
As reported in this newspaper last week, the victim, Shukria, wrote on YouTube: “I was protesting the cloverdale rodeo may 18/13 and this lady did not like my sign. She called me racist names, spat on my face, then grabbed me by my hair punched me and kicked me.”
Shukria was carrying a sign that read: “Rodeo ….. when coward boys have fun.” The white woman threatened to beat up Shukria and told her to go back to her country if she didn’t like what was going on at the rodeo. She also said she would “blow your f—king country up.”
She referred to South Asians as “shitskin”!
Thanks to the exposure on YouTube video, the alleged attacker had no choice but to come forward as police were looking for her, too.
In an interview on Global TV in which she didn’t show her face she revealed that it was pretty common for her white companions to use terms such as “shit skin” for South Asians. Her name is Jennifer Johansen.
Johansen admitted she made racist remarks and said that it was “a stupid fight” and that if the protestor “wanted an apology, I’ll give her an apology.”
She claimed that the protester told her ‘I’m not a Hindu, I’m Muslim, and I’m a terrorist and I’m going to bomb your house,’ and that is when she lost her temper.