Surrey: Liberal leader Justin Trudeau released their plan for a re-elected Liberal government.

On gun control, the federal government is implementing a ban on assault weapons and gives power to the City of Surrey to ban handguns. In addition, we are investing an additional $250 million to help municipalities meet the needs of communities at risk to fight gang-related violence.

The City of Surrey will receive more stable and predictable infrastructure funding to help our municipal leaders plan for a growing community. A re-elected Liberal government will transfer up to $3 billion more year in public transportation dollars to Canadian municipalities.

Trudeau also announced that a re-elected liberal government would increase the First-Time Home Buyer Incentive to include homes valued at $800,000.

Other notable platform promises that would positively affect Surrey includes,

  • Save $1,000 a year on a family’s cell phone plans when we lower bills by 25%;
  • Save nearly $600 a year when we lower taxes for everyone but the already wealthy;
  • See their aging parents’ Old Age Security go up by at least $729 when they turn 75;
  • Increasing Canada Student Grants for post-secondary students, up to $1,200/year;
  • Retrofit homes to get an interest-free loan of up to $40,000;
  • Eliminating the Canadian citizenship fee for permanent residents;
  • Save $800 a year when we lower fees for before and after school child care;
  • Get up to $1,000 more to help raising a child with a boosted Canada Child Benefit.

Mr. Sarai commented, “The Liberal platform will continue to move Surrey forward in public safety, transportation, and affordable housing. It touches on many of our asks and puts families, youth, and hardworking Canadians first.