Surrey: A Surrey woman was arrested after allegedly threatening a fellow bus passenger with a knife. The investigation suggests that, a female passenger and the bus driver began arguing over non-payment of the fare.  The woman was using profane language causing the complainant along with other passengers to ask her to stop swearing. There were several children on the bus in addition to the complainant’s own three children.

The suspect threatened to kill the complainant and her children before throwing a drink at the youngest child (male, not yet one year old).  The two women began to physically fight. Both exited the bus and the complainant began walking toward the mall. The suspect ran after her and produced a knife, knocked over the complainant’s daughter (four years old) and kicked her other daughter (2 years old) in the back.

Once officers received the report, the suspect description was broadcast to police in the area.  A Surrey RCMP officer recognized the description as someone he had dealings with in the past, attended her residence and arrested the 43 year old by 10:40 a.m.

She was held in custody overnight and taken to appear in Provincial Court this afternoon.  Police have recommended various Assault, Assault with a Weapon and Uttering Threats charges to Crown Counsel for their consideration.