Winona BhattiSurrey: The Surrey Board of Trade recognizes business and community minded people under the age of 25, either working in Surrey or working on a business or community related project in or for Surrey.  The top 25 winners will be recognized at an awards reception on June 12, 2014. The event will celebrate the incredible initiatives of Surrey’s youth 25 years old or younger. The winners were chosen based upon a subjective analysis of their business or community achievements, leadership ability, community involvement, professional achievements and uniqueness of their business or community projects.

An impressive slate of Simon Fraser University students and alumni, all recognized as community role models, are among recipients of the awards.

“We have amazing talent in these winners who will take our businesses now and in the future to amazing heights. At the Surrey Board of Trade it is in our mandate to grow our business community by instilling in our youth entrepreneurial support and spirit – and for them to be an active part of Surrey,” said Anita Huberman, CEO, Surrey Board of Trade (SBOT).

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One of the award winners in an interview with Asian Journal Winona Bhatti shared her success story and vision, highlights are:

In 2012, she successfully organized a fundraising gala for 450 individuals, which raised $10,000 to be used to build a school for children in Guinea. Based on her vision and her actions she has been recognized by the Surrey Board to Trade as Surrey’s Top 25 under 25 in 2014.

“Through this initiative, I increased the standard of living of the students, teachers, and residents in the community by providing them with jobs and an education that could translate into future opportunities,” said Winnona Bhatti.

She joined Enactus SFU, in 2012, and began with a program called PIN (Progressing the Impact of non-profits). Through PIN, Winona worked with a non-profit organization that ran programs to help addicts, and provide food and shelter for the homeless. The organization was on the verge of being evicted from its location, which would force it to shut down. She was able to help them find a new location that met their needs and taught them the essentials for fundraising while successfully helping them raise $29,000.  This in turn impacted the quality of life for the hundreds of people they served.

In 2013, after presenting at the Enactus Canada Regional Exposition, Winona was inspired to create a change in the one of the programs she was presenting on called Banner Bags.  She saw the potential for growth in the program so she applied and successfully obtained the position as the program manager. Winona was able to inspire 16 other individuals to believe in creating a change in their community, educate over 1000 high school textile students to adopt environmentally sustainable practices, save them $11,664 in textile costs, increase the confidence of 18 aspiring fashion designers, and coach a team to win the Enactus Regional Exposition for Western Canada against 16 other universities.