Delta: SW Media Group celebrated its 10th anniversary by hosting a grand outdoor barbeque at the Delta Golf Club on Tuesday. 250 clients, contributors and guests attended to celebrate the success of SW Media Group’s latest creation, Aaarzu Magazine, a premium magazine aimed to capture the affluent market.

The smorgasbord of finger foods prepared by Red Seal Chef Gurjyote Sethi was a huge hit, alongside a pani-puri cart by Apna Chat House and a Tandoori Tikka hot dog stand. Winners of the fun lawn games included Sat Sabharwal, Sushil Toora, Sukhu Bansal, and Raj Bahn who won gift baskets donated by Surrey Board of Trade, Bancy Farms, Verka Foods, Chique Boutique and Sabzi Mandi.

We thank our readers and patrons for their continued support!

Photos: Aziz Ladha.

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