By Kamilla Singh


Uptown- New Westminster:

falafal_plate_w_saladRight across from Salvation Amy is a new addition to the chain of restaurants in New Westminster. This place took a while to open up as there was a Burger place before on the same location, but now it all transformed into a fresh and clean Taza Falafel House, you may ask what does Taza means, its simply means fresh. The owner of this restaurant kept their word and to this day the place is spotless and clean, and the most amazing thing you will notice as soon as you will enter into this joint is the friendliest people working at the front end who welcome you with a smile. I noticed this as soon as I walked in one afternoon to check the place out.

At Taza you will get what you order. I liked the concept, the food is prepared right in front of your eyes, you can watch your food dished out and served to you. Here, everything is simple. Nothing is complicated the menu is on the wall, you just order what you see from the menu.

I ordered Falafel platter, which came with two deep fried falafel with taziki and humous, home cut French fries, chicken on a bed of flavored rice with side dish of pea soup. This is a mouth watering combination, I started with Falafel, with taziki and humous dip and hand cut fresh fries which were piping hot. I enjoyed every bite of the falafel which was very popular and delicious and the rest of the food on my plate I got the owner to pack for me to go.
I noticed that they have baklava on there menu as well; Baklava is a very popular dessert, which is made with different types of nuts wrapped in very thin wrappers and soak in the sugar syrup. I had to have baklava, which the owner bought me a piece, this was even better than the ones I had before at other places, the baklava wasn’t so soaking in the sugar syrup and tasted much better.

Nina Alyas
Nina Alyas

“Falafel is our signature dish which is very popular in the Middle Eastern countries and even here, people that come to eat in my restaurant already know about falafel and they will ask by the name, we serve our falafel with two different dipping sauce, humous and taziki” Nina Alyas the owner and chef said.

Speaking about the Falafel, Nina said, “Our falafel is cooked fresh every day, we grind all our beans and add our own spices with freshly chopped cilantro, when people order falafel they can taste that it all came fresh from the scratch.”

“ I opened my first restaurant in Victoria about 25 years ago and when I moved here this is my second restaurant, I make sure we don’t compromise on freshness, if people are not into falafel they can also order hamburgers which we also have on our menu” Nina added.
They are open for lunch and dinner, from Monday to Sunday from 11am until 10pm. They have seating for up to 30 people, eat in or take out.

Located at 344 Sixth Street in New Westminster in a small strip mall. Give them a call at


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