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By Manpreet Dhillon

Manpreet Dhillon
Manpreet Dhillon

This week’s question :
How do I teach my son to treat women with more respect, honouring them as equal partners? He is surrounded by males, who don’t pick up their own dishes and have their mothers/sisters do everything for them?
It is always difficult to change behaviour when the environment does not support it. It is important to acknowledge that the dynamics of the women serving the men has been culturally imbedded in those individuals from centuries so it will take time but it can be done.
Encourage your son to support himself by making it fun. Have rewards for washing dishes, cleaning up after himself and acknowledge when he speaks to others with respect.
You can show him by example of how to talk to others by exhibiting that behaviour as well. Do you treat others with respect? Do you speak highly of others? Do you treat yourself with respect and say positive things about yourself?
We will treat others poorly when we treat ourselves poorly. It really does start with how you treat yourself and the other members in your home.
Become aware of your behaviours so that your son sees a good model.
The more he respects you, he will respect other women too.

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