Gurgaon: A 16-year old girl has successfully undergone a complex surgery for a spinal cord disorder at a hospital here, a doctor said. Shefali, a native of Amritsar in Punjab, was diagnosed with Kyphoscoliosis, an abnormal curvature of the spine in both acoronal and sagittal plane.
The congenital deformity made Shefali’s backbone split into two halves and left her with an ill-formed curvature, besides causing pain in her limbs and making her susceptible to injuries.
She was operated upon twice at the Paras Hospital here June 30.
“This being a complex case, we could not embark on immediate spine alignment correction. Rather, we first had to deal with the malformed spinal cord to minimize the risk,” Dr. Arun Bhanot, chief spine surgeon who conducted the surgery.
Bhanot said the girl started walking within a couple of days of the surgery.