Close Quarters!

The 33From the headlines to the silver screen comes The 33. Based on a true story that captivated the world this smart new drama from Warner Brothers is in inspirational with a capital I. Do check out this intense tale of survival at Cineplex Odeon venues across  B.C.

Fresh in our minds is the tragedy that befell 33 innocent miners back in 2010 In Chile. The 33 zeroes in on the men and their families that against all odds and a dwindling air and food supply somehow managed to eke out a bare existence deep in The bowels of the Earth,

What makes The 33 so compelling are the backgrounds of the men and how their loved ones ” handled” the situation while the “suits” and powers that be did all in Their power to put profit above human life. What a sad commentary,

Aided by a top Level cast of Latin actors including Antonio Banderas and Lou Diamond Phillips here we have a story that fast gets up close and personal. Able to create the chaos inside a very confined sweaty space is director Patricia Riggen who rigs up a very intense emotional roller coaster of 127 minutes of sheer desperation. Give and take among the marooned left for dead miners will keep your attention riveted to what will come next.

Disasters come and go but The 33 points to a number of missteps that sealed the fate of these innocent workers. Consider this film to be an accurate portrayal of bad players in the corporate world and governments whose hands off approach to fixing a problem can further erode confidence in the people,   Outside help by way of Gabriel Byrne and

Rodrigo  Santoro as a government official shows there still are people who care.

With a never say die attitude The 33 shows the importance of teamwork and that hope does indeed spring eternal.