Influencer marketing is quickly taking over as a primary form of online marketing. And it is becoming more specialized and diversified.

Bob Milliken

In my opinion, here are 4 of the most profitable influencer platforms you can use:

  1. YouTube: YouTube is king of all influencer marketing platforms. This is because it revolves around personal videos, and videos are superior to text when it comes to sales and marketing. There is something personal about a video where you can see the person and his or her facial expressions. In my experience YouTube subscribers trust their channels far more in comparison to other influencer marketing platforms. It’s a fact, influencers on this channel will sell more products.
  2. Instagram – The second best influencer platform is Instagram, and for certain categories, it can be even better than YouTube. In fact, most influencer automation tools are focused on Instagram as opposed to other platforms, and with good reason. A lot of young people are on Instagram and it is ideal for generating brand awareness.

Instagram has a better engagement rate compared to other social media platforms and is an ideal platform to showcase new products and services. Instagram users are more likely to compare and share on this platform compared to others, resulting in increased brand awareness and exposure.

  1. Snapchat- Snapchat is ideal for people whose audiences are in the 18 to 35-year-old range. Though the total numbers are smaller, Snapchat has a higher engagement rate compared to Instagram and other social media platforms, and its informal nature encourages people to share their content with others. It is a perfect platform for creative and spontaneous marketing.

Three recently introduced Snapchat features you may not be aware are of include “Stories”, “Memories”, and “Discovery”, which have greatly enhanced the platform and made it more interactive and user-friendly.

  1. Twitter and Facebook – Influencer marketing on Twitter pales in comparison to the advantages offered by Instagram. Neither Twitter nor Facebook are truly influencer platforms, but they are too big to ignore completely. Additionally, because influencer marketing is not as prominent on Twitter, there is less competition and more room for growth for people who decide to target users on this platform. You are more likely to find an affordable influencer on Twitter in comparison to Instagram, because Instagram is so well-known as an influencer marketplace.

The Take Away

Influencer marketing is the new marketing buzz word and is no longer considered a fringe marketing tool. If you haven’t looked at this form of marketing yet, I encourage to try it out. You may be surprised by the results. Need help getting started? Call us and let’s get you started.

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