Email marketing can be extremely profitable, when done right. You don’t need a huge list and blast your audience with offers several times per day to make a decent living writing and sending emails. Email marketing is and will continue to be one of the most effective evergreen income strategies out there.
While this is true, it only takes a single message to bring your hard work crashing down! Some mistakes are so destructive they can destroy your chances of running an effective email marketing campaign. Others will simply prevent you from making the progress you should be.
So, check and see if any of these four mistakes sound familiar. If so, I urge you to change your ways!

Buying Links
Buying links is one of the very worst strategies of all when it comes to building a big mailing list. Bought links are essentially ‘cold’ leads. They haven’t heard of your brand before and they never gave you permission to contact them. As such, they will likely ignore your messages and may even report you as spam!

Selling Low Quality Products
If you sell a product or promote an affiliate product and you don’t 100% believe in it, you’ll get caught. Your lack of enthusiasm will always be evident in the way you present the message. People can tell whether you really believe in something and if you don’t, they’ll feel as though you’re just trying to wring as much cash out of them as possible.
Even if someone does buy from you, they will likely be so upset by the low quality of your product that they’ll likely never buy from you again. Suddenly, the Life-Time-Value of your contacts falls thru the floor taking your profits with it.
Going Quiet
Forgetting about your mailing list for an extended period of time is a killer. This might sound obvious, but it’s a mistake I see a lot of people make.
The result? Your readers get it. By ignoring them they forget who you are or why they even followed you in the first place. When you finally get around to sending them another message they’re simply not going to

Spamming might mean sending too many messages or it might mean trying to sell things no one asked for. The key to good email marketing is to respect your audience and to take seriously the responsibility that comes with being able to access their inboxes. Always provide value, or you’ll quickly lose those hard-earned followers.

Take Away
Often these four email killers happen because we get busy and fool ourselves into thinking no one will notice. Clearly that’s simply not true. We do notice and we move
Your email list is the most precious thing you own. Treat your readers with respect and you’ll be amazed by the results.

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