Bon Appetit!

Just as the weather starts to chill so do the shivers race through bodies brave enough to watch The Curse of Audrey Henshaw. Actually this new movie is not that scary. But your mind may walk away shaken as this tale focuses in an evil curse and a family of tormented offspring.
Now out on video on demand thus dark tale happens at a dark time in middle America in the dust bowl 30s. What we have is a desolate rural farm town where only one plot of land seems to be productive thus creative a sphere of jealously among the downtrodden.
So it’s the Henshaw. clan who seem to be in the driver’s side and is led by an old -fashioned keep to yourself women. Ah, but there are secrets to 5is family and something wicked comes your way when an unknown daughter surfaces.
Beautiful beyond belief it doesn’t take long for this witchy woman to wreck havoc on the community. Pain and suffering begin in this atmospherically chilling almost gothic looking. Tale of terror and that unspeakable thirst for blood.
Here’s a totally campy yet well acted minor tale of blood lust run amuck. With slow pacing and innocence reversed consider The Curse Of Audrey Henshaw to be perfect for the cold chill winter months now upon us. And all to be taken with a sizable grain of salt.