Divine Hands!

IMG_0159Hands on fun will be had by one and all during The Equalizer 2. For the first time ever consummate acting ace Denzel Washington returns to what may become his most iconic and perhaps enduring role. Accompanied by Training Day helmsman Antoine Fuqua the pair succeed in offering an effective return to this Sony hit. Brave the crowds to see this slow-building thriller at Cineplex Cinemas around B.C.

Better known as the Spy Who Came in from the Cold all Robert McCall wants to do is lead a peaceful quiet life -Far away from his once upon a time work for the C.I.A. Or was that the F.B.I.  No matter. All this highly trained assassin just wants to do is enjoy the simple life in Boston. Fat chance.

Always ready to help those in need Robert finds himself smack dab in the middle of trouble when a friend or two goes missing and wind up dead. Now it’s personal. Justice is meted out Dirty Harry style albeit with full rationalization. And unlike many of the Mission Impossible movies here you do believe in the realism of the situation and think all the action sequences and stunts are possible a la Jason Bourne.

Thus, both Equalizer movies seem to be believable. And that’s important to some audiences. Watch Denzel perform his “chores” like any true covert operative. Sean Connery’s James Bond would be oh so proud. Are you listening Mr. Wilson and Ms. Broccoli!