The Forest -Hollywood Jan 15Left alone can be a harrowing experience. Elegant Japan takes centre stage In The Forest. Fresh fodder from Universal Pictures this horror film is now drawing people to Cineplex Odeon Theatres around B.C Family is important. When a reluctant Jess heads off to Japan her twin sister Sara has various misgivings. Television star Natalie Dormer navigates tricky waters indeed here. Picturesque Japan becomes a living nightmare when little sister Jess gets lost in a famed forest region.
Where Jess goes trouble follows. Born for adventure when Jess goes missing pangs go off in Sara’s heart so she does what any concerned family member would do: she sets off for the land of the rising sun. Old legends say this forest is visited by those who want to end their lives. Not ready to accept the inevitable once Sara steps foot among the ancient trees her journey becomes problematic, to say the least.
Mild jumps and scares in the dark make sitting through The Forest a rather tepid adventure. You are better off going outside on a walk than enduring the slow pace and lack of real scares apparent here.